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Hats & Headpieces to turn heads at Royal Ascot

Hats & Headpieces for Special Occasions 

Today has been quite a strange day but as all was not quite normal in the shop I decided to have some fun and design a totally unique headpiece.

Poppies are so beautiful that they have inspired me to make this hat. I am not sure which flower I will create next!

The base of the headpiece is a cocktail hat. There is a layer of red netting beneath the feathers which have been cut to represent the petals of the poppy.

This is perfect for a special occasion for example a Day at the Races, Royal Ascot.

If you would like to have an unusual hat designed for your special occasion your enquiry will be most welcome.
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How to wear your hat.

How to wear your hat. Hats don't suit me! Try a trybly
So many customers who visit our shop either state that they do not wear hats because they don't suit them or ask, how do I wear a hat?
My first answer to those who state that hats don't suit them is 'there is a hat for everyone, you just need to find it and have the confidence to wear it'.
As we have so many different styles of hats for men and women in the shop the first style I place on a customers head is a trylby, this is usually a winner. Even I wear wool tryblys' when it is cold or raining, so much better than an umbrella.
How do you wear your trylby?
There are three ways of wearing a trylby and each way makes you feel quite different. Traditionally the hat can be worn on the top of your head. This position suits everyone, you don't need too much confidence to wear it this way. Next way is at a jaunty angle, my favourite, this make a statement, you are confident, playful, a little secretive perha…

New Hats & Updating our Website

Our New look website It's all very exciting at the moment as we are busy making all our new hats. At the same time as preparing our new hats for the upcoming photoshoot with Tony Free, our in house photographer, we are also updating our website. Tony is undertaking this as well.

I can certainly recommend a photographer who can also help with the website is a great way forward.

This perchher style hat will be available to order on our website soon. It will also be available in a selection of colours.

Our 2017 Hat Collection.

New Designs Coming Soon.

We have been designing new hats for our website and shop. 

As racing and the Wedding season has begun for us we are very excited to announce our website is having it's Spring clean, new hats will be listed very soon.

Orders and enquiries for Royal Ascot and weddings are being received regularly. A very exciting and busy time of year!

Men's Hats - Our new website

Men's Hats are now available to buy from us online!
Since we have started selling hats in our shop we have been asked by customers about buying from us online. Finally we have a website,
The site has only just been completed recently and already it is receiving many views. If you are interested in seeing our stock online please have a look.
For more information please contact Danielle, details are on the website or myself at the shop.

Thank you for looking at our blog.

Feather Fascinator

An elegant fascinator for a Mother of the Bride

It is always great when we have feathers the exact colour of a dress. Our client was very pleased when she collected her order from us a few days ago.
This fascinator was made using feathers which we have cut to make a very striking effect. We are able to make this design to the size the client wants and we have a selection of many different colours.

Fascinator for Mother of the Bride
We will be offering these ready to buy on our sister website, in the future alternatively, they will also be available to order from our website,

Fascinator Workshop

One of our workshops, learn how to make an elegant fascinator. 

Last Saturday I held a fascinator workshop for two delightful ladies. It is Freda's birthday this week and the workshop was a birthday present from her daughter-in-law.Both ladies worked very hard and were delighted with their fascinators.
For more details about workshops and courses please take a look at our website,